I havent been on

So I havent been on tumblr for a long while. So let me get all yall up to speed…
My hubby came home from deployment on april 25th, 2014. Well about 2 months later I was getting sick so bad where I couldnt even hold down water it was so bad. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Thinkin there is a slim possibility that its a false positive, he took me to a pregnancy care clinic and they did another test there along with an ultrasound and it turns out I was 5 weeks along and about the time I got pregnant was april 27th. Lol right after he got home. Crazy well today I am 18 weeks along. I can feel the baby move and the baby has also been pushin on a nerve in my back and it hurts. Sometimes it even makes my knees buckle and I have to grab something close so I dont fall to the ground. But I am happy to be bring a child into this world. It is an amazing thing!! Well thank you all for listening I would love for you all to comment!! Thank you!!

I FUCKIN HATE THE STRESS OF DEPLOYMENT!!!!!!! he doesn’t mean to but he makes me cry and feel bad that I’m always out of our house. I’m always out cause it helps time.go.by faster and that’s what I need. I don’t feel safe or even.sane when.he’s gone…. FUCKIN’ A

He’s such a freakin.punk he makes me.feel bad then goes.to bed. I feel like I wanna cry right.now. I don’t even.feel.like.being.on Facebook… which is rare. Its rare that I’m in a good mood since he.left and when.I’m in a.good mood he.ruins.it :/ FUUCCCCKKKK !!!!

So the greatest thing… my man messaged me this morning yay!!!!!!! I am.so so so happy after 3 weeks not talking were all stress days I was.going crazy and so was he. I mean he was so stressed he started smoking again. I don’t mind I smoke too. Wow I am just so happy to message him today :)) AND TOO THE ONES WHO CAN’T TALK TO THIER S/O. I’m sorry to brag I’m just happy and I hope you can talk to your S/O.

Well today was an alright day. I miss my man more than ever right now ans I feel like imma cry

I don’t have any messages :/

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